Я недавно купил на распродаже Metro: Last Light для Switch за 1.5 евро. В игре много странных решений в отношении гейм-дизайна, но я решил поговорить об одном: о ресурсах, которыми распоряжается игрок.

Любые ресурсы, которые выдаются игроку — это способ коммуникации геймдизайнера с ним, попытка объяснить, что и как стоит делать чтобы получить от игры удовольствие или (если дизайнер не сумел задизайнить приносящий удовольствие геймлпей), как минимум, рассказать как сам дизайнер считает, что в игру следует играть.

Например, такой базовый ресурс как здоровье. Его частое уменьшение и полная потеря — это попытка сказать, что нужно как-то изменить свой стиль игры…

Postmortem analysis of Drunk Shotgun

It’s been nine months since the initial release of Drunk Shotgun for iOS and Android. I realize that I should have made a post-mortem analysis in two weeks after the game launch while my memories were fresh, but the game failed so hard that I was in a very fragile state and just decided to forget about it for a while for the sake of my sanity. Its December, 2020 and I feel like I cannot end this year without getting some kind of closure and the least I can do is to follow up this project with a post-mortem.

Drunk Shotgun Logo

What is Drunk Shotgun?


When Ducati recently announced that they are going to present a new updated Supersport bike, I was excited. I’ve considered the previous (current) model but never bought one because of the strange design decisions and weird headlight aesthetics. I’ve opted for a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX instead, which was the best choice at the time (I still miss the SX even after upgrading to a more modern and faster bike).

Pre-2021 “Unibrow” Supersport Headlight

When Ducati finally unveiled the photos of the new Supersport I was even more excited, because I thought that they’ve finally understood what people actually expect from that motorcycle. They…

If you want to learn how not to design APIs, you can just look at the AppsFlyer’s server-to-server events API. The purpose of this API is to enable developers to send additional events about user behavior after they installed your app.

Analyzing the API

Okay, let’s see what we are expected to do to send en event. Documentation opens as follows:


Looks simple enough — format the URL with your application id and send some events parameters as a JSON. Let’s skip to the parameters section to start coding.

Ну что ж, елка еще не наряжена, подарки не упакованы, скайрим на switch не докачался, а это значит что сейчас самое время подводить итоги 2019 года.

В начале этого года я завершил работу в Pure, в котором в течение шести лет трудился на посту технического директора, и решил заняться самостоятельно дизайном, разработкой игр и фрилансом. Было очень тяжело перестроиться с формата ежемесячного получения фиксированной суммы на более стихийный режим заработка и я не уверен, что до конца с этим справился, но стараюсь управлять своим тревожным расстройством. Благо признание проблемы вроде бы как является первым шагом к решению.

На 2019 год…

Since there is no official working solution that lets you deploy your app to AWS with Elastic Beanstalk from IntelliJ IDEA (PyCharm/RubyMine/whatever), you’re stuck with using your console to deploy the project.

Or are you? Actually not.

Since EB CLI that you typically use for deployment via the terminal is just a python script, you can set up a new Python Run configuration in IDEA.

First find out where the eb is located:

which eb

Then copy the output and use it as Script Path in a new Python Run Configuration:

You can use all the parameters that eb supports in Parameters field, e.g.: deploy, open, etc.

Now you can deploy your app without leaving your favourite IDE.

P.S. Yes, I am aware of Elastic Beanstalk plug-ins in the IDEA plugin directory, but they don’t support even 2018 version of IDE, let alone 2019+

I am not sure why, but Unity does not provide an out-of-the-box solution for grouping objects in the scene — you cannot just select multiple GameObjects, right click on them and press Group. Luckily, there is a great asset that solves this problem with a self-explanatory name Grouping Tool (duh).

The installation is simple, nothing is required besides just adding the asset to Unity. After that you can just select items in Hierarchy panel:

Then right-click an select “Group Selected” or just press Cmd+G on Mac or Ctrl+G on Windows

Avalanche Run Open Beta installation links (open from your mobile device):

You would really help me make the game better by filling out the form after playing:

Thank you! And please share this beta version with your friends :)

American bikers have a saying that I can really relate to. It goes like this: “Bullshit stops when helmet drops”.

It basically means that you have to give up any thoughts that were running through your mind when you mount a motorbike (yup, I say “motorbike”, not “motorcycle” — I am no American and, heck, English is not even my native language). Riding a bike takes a lot of concentration and you cannot afford yourself to sink into some deep thinking while doing it. Bike is not as forgiving as a car when it comes to distractions. …

Punctuality has never been among my strongest traits. I tend to underestimate the travel time to the meeting or can just forget to get my outfit ready and end up being 10–15 minutes late with messed-up hair and non-matching clothes.

Strangely enough, I’ve always show up at the airport early for the flights.

I usually don’t book a fast lane, I just arrive three-four hours before the flight. I drop off my luggage, go through security checkpoint and border control without having to stand in any lines (most of the time that is — I usually tend to choose morning…

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