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– Hello, my name is Alex and I cannot accept that people need to sleep.

– Hello, Alex!

– Every day it’s always the same. I just don’t want to go to sleep. Not physically (I can be exhausted), but mentally. I just have no will to go to the bed. I know that sleep is essential for human beings, it’s like some kind of biological defragmentation process for our memory. I know that sleep deprivation doesn’t help anyone, so don’t give even me that.

– But why don’t you want to go to sleep?

– I cannot accept it. I just cannot accept that a person should sleep 1/3 of his life. I’ve accepted the inevitability of death, but I cannot accept sleep. If you think about it, we are all overloaded with information and stress. We want to do it all, we invent some obscure techniques like “Getting thing done”, we cannot face our non-productivity as human beings. I cannot, too. I want to squeeze as much into one day, as I can. I guess, you can say that I feel that if I don’t go to sleep, the next day won’t arrive, that time won’t advance, because I won’t just let it to. That’s why I stay awake, that’s why I stay late at the office and when I return home at night, I don’t go to sleep immediately.

– But when you stay late, you don’t actually win time. You just borrow it from tomorrow.

– I know it. But I cannot help it. And working at night seems so good, so peaceful, so calm. No notifications, no voices. Just you all by yourself, ambience or music from your earphones. And the shining of your computer display.

– Thank you, Alex. Let’s meet Bob. He says he has a problem with motivation.

– Hi, Bob!

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