Why the 2021 Ducati Supersport will fail and what can be done to save it

Pre-2021 “Unibrow” Supersport Headlight
2021 Supersport Headlight design
2021 Ducati Supersport, photo courtesy of drivespark.com
  • sporty, agile and fun to ride on twisty roads
  • aesthetically pleasing, stylish
  • comfortable for extended periods of riding for both rider and passenger
  • practical in terms of carrying capacity
  • old-style, sexy grand-turismo like bikes that look like sport bikes with a riding position close to streetfigters or sport bikes (but with triple clamp and clip-ons/handlebars set above the seat level of a bike)
  • new-style bikes that try to look like they are ADV bikes capable of riding on unpaved roads or off-road, but are actually not. These bikes are somewhat an equivalent of sporty SUVs from car world.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 1000
  • Kawasaki H2SX
  • Honda VFR800F (though it was not updated in a quite a long time and it seems like Honda will deprecate the model soon which is a shame)
2019 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX with the panniers off
  1. It’s not integrated, which means you have to install additional brackets on the bike to add the luggage. There is no way of taking this brackets off or putting them on quickly so your bike will end up looking ugly when the brackets are on and luggage is off as you probably won’t screw around taking the brackets off and on often. So you will probably be using panniers all the time or none of the time, while on a proper sport tourer you can just click panniers on or off in a couple of seconds. Why Ducati is still using this archaic solution is beyond my comprehension, perhaps they are just lazy.
  2. It’s not secure. No, not in a way that it might fly off your bike, but the problem is that panniers are semi-rigid and you cannot lock them properly as they are locked with zippers. Yes, that’s right — ordinary zippers. Even if you put a padlock on them, zippers can still be easily opened with a ballpoint pen, so you won’t have you peace of mind when parking your bike and going hiking/dining/sunbathing or whatever you want to do on a trip. Yes, you should not leave any valuable items in your panniers either way, though a thief does not know if there is nothing of value inside so he may be tempted to break them, because it’s as simple as opening a zippered bag.
Proper pannier system on 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX with integrated mounting points
An ugly pannier frame you are stuck with when taking off panniers from a Ducati Supersport



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